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These are some of the folks who book us:-



State Schools

Our special offer for any primary school with 300 or more students is a day workshop/s, we leave you te Cds and dance descriptions and we come back for an evening bush dance. All this for under $7 per student!.

Catholic Schools

Shenanigans is very popular in Catholic Schools.
We have played for the Holy Spirit and the Sacred Heart, St Bernadette, St Paul and St Joseph and many others. Expect a rollicking good time, with lots of good, clean, family friendly fun!

Private Schools

Shenanigans visit Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar School. 2014.

On 8 August this year, well known group Shenanigans, came to the school to lead abush dance event, attended by students, teachers and over 250 parents.

Shenanigans is one of Australia’s best-known and well regarded music education
groups now in their 30th year. They have been performing and teaching bush dance, world dance and multicultural music through workshops in schools and at community events.

When the idea to deliver a music event where children, parents and teachers could learn and participate together it was decided to hold a bush dance.

Dances were learnt in a workshop with students, teachers and parents. It was an in-service experience for staff who can continue to teach the dances in their own music classes. The repertoire, which was selected by the leader of Shenanigans, Gary King, was well suited to the age group of the students. The band paced the sessions very well and dances were learnt effortlessly with body percussion patterns, imitation and echoing. It was valuable to have a few dancers demonstrate steps and movements before the whole group joined in with the dance.

Shenanigans offer a single workshop and an evening bush dance combination;however we were fortunate to be able to commit two preparation sessions to this project, which was well worth it as students were well prepared. There was a lot of material that we could practice in between visits,using the Shenanigans CD’s. Students particularly liked listening and dancing to songs and dances they had heard in the workshops in subsequent music classes.

The performance of the dances we learnt was a highlight with lots of laughter and new connections made between staff, students and parents. It was wonderfulto observe the look of joy on the faces of the parents and children during the dancing.

Shenanigans did a great job working with us to deliver this community music event and are highly recommended as an incursion and /or as an artist in residence project in schools.



Bush Dances for Church and Community Group

Dancing together is a wonderful way to affirm the spirit of a community.
Bush Dancing is particularly good at getting all ages involved.
Here is a description of a kindergarten event where ages ranged from 3 to 93.



Bush Dance Wedding

Here is a secret I can share with you.
Bush Dancing affected many people in the 1970s and 1980s.
The atmosphere of everyone dancing together and being happy has been so important that many couples ask us to recreate it for their wedding reception.
WE even get asked to play for wedding anniversaries!

Here are reports from some recent weddings:
“Shenanigans had our family and friends singing, dancing and laughing into the night. They created the perfect mood to end the perfect day! We recommend them highly, and so do our family and friends”.

– Ian & Claire’s Wedding at Hanging Rock

“Thanks to Shenanigans our wedding was energetic and interactive. They made everyone feel relaxed and uninhibited and had us swinging around to their melodic magic all night. I recommend them to anyone”.

– Elaine and Damian’s Wedding at Common Ground

Special Events

Special Events

Special Events

They wanted a Scottish theme, and the band to include an accordion. You might think it was too much of an ask –
But here is the report from a recent event which celebrated both a wedding anniversary and a significant birthday.